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Link o2 problem


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hello hope you can help? i have fitted the Link Can Lambda but having a problem,   its all fitted to my Celica Gt4 ST185,  from what i can see every thing should be set up with with the sensor and the Link G4+ ecu,   i can start the engine no problem,  the O2 sensor will read fine, but then as soon as i rev the engine the  it stops reading,  let it idle and it will then come back and read again,  but every time i rev the engine it drops out,  the other problem im having is when the sensor get over a set temp it then all so drops out and will not read,   would any 1 have any ideas? 





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Make sure the power supply is as per the instructions and not shared with the likes of the coils or injectors. 

If it is the only device on the bus make sure it has a terminating resistor fitted. (120 ohm across CAN L and H at unit) 

You can look at the Lambda 1 Error status runtime to look for any errors it could be giving.

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i need to take a log of whats going on, but read on another post about may be needing a capacitor on the power and ground. im going to try it on its own power feed and see if that works . im still new to all this so learning as i go, so not the best with how to find things and set thing up on the ecu 


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