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Increasing Base Fuel Pressure


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Hey everybody - just bumped my fuel pressure up from 3 bar to 4 bar base (car idling, vacuum line removed to do this) in order to squeeze a little more fuel out of my id1050s. I'm using modelled multi-fuel as my fuel equation. Previously in injector setup I had the "rated flow" and "rated fuel pressure" set to 1065 and 3 bar respectively per ID's data sheet, and in fuel main I had the base fuel pressure set to 3 bar.

Now that I've bumped the fuel pressure my question is do I only need to bump "base fuel pressure" in fuel main to 4 bar? Or do I also need to go in and change the values in injector setup to reflect the 4 bar and their flow at that pressure (1240cc)? I tried both methods and both changes threw the tune off, so the tune does need to change even though I'm already using the modelled equation, just want to make sure I'm going about this the correct way before I mess with stuff.

Also, bonus question. I just read somewhere that I should turn off IAT fuel correction when using modelled equation? Can someone confirm? And in order to do so do I need to setup the "charge temperature approximation" table? I currently have IAT fuel correction turned on and everything in the charge temperature approximation table set to 0. Again I'd like to do this right but I have no idea where to start with values for the latter table. The car is on flex fuel/e85 if that helps solicit answers.


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For the fuel pressure you should only need to change the "base fuel pressure" setting.  

For modelled mode you should start with the IAT table off as the charge temp will take care of most of it.  Copy the example charge temp table out of the help file will be a good starting point for most common road car engines with a plenum and single throttle type manifold.

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