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Bosch 1000cc Injector data PN 0280158040


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Cannot confirm those but also looking for the same data for the same injector.

Should I find anything I shall post up here.

Bosch can also not help with that kind of data.

On 11/27/2020 at 2:57 PM, wastegate said:

Here is my data, from Golebys website, not sure if it's dead on but it is something.





You running Traditional or modeled ?

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Further to this topic, bought and installed these Bosch injectors to my RB motor. When I opened the Bosch injector packaging and saw these little baby injectors I was taken aback a bit.  They have this extended "tube" as per above pic. Thought of now having to purchase extenders etc to make them for on the RB engine.

Fitted one and hey, not bad I thought. That tube extension is perfect for an RB ! Injector when seated sprays directly into air stream. It sits a mm or two below the injector exit in the manifold.  I previously had DW M1000 injectors on the engine. When I took the Greddy intake off , fuel literally dripped out of the manifold. The DW injectors sprayed down the manifold "tube" hole which is probably 20 to 25mm.Some of the sprayed fuel had to hit the inside and just puddle or go into a liquid state.

I m using the Hypertune/PRP fuel rail. Simply took the spacers out and bolted everything right up. No mods and stuff..

Massive difference in the engine from start up , idle all the way to red line. And the above dead times are working a treat for me. 



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