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Link G1 V5 lambda sensor


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I have a ej25 Subaru turbo  with a link G1 ecu in my sand rail. I plugged it into my PC and noticed that the lambda sensor was showing .01 volts and not moving. Also the AFR was reading 19.9 and also not moving. I assume that the sensor is bad. I unplug it while the motor is running and no change. The sensor that is in there is a Bosch 0 258 003 326 and it not available in my area. Trying to figure out what sensor to replace it with. Narrow or wide band? O2 or AFR? This is all new to me and I am learning as I go. 
Thanks for the help,


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The Bosch 0 258 003 326 is a 4 wire heated narrowband sensor.  You can replace it with any common 4 wire universal oxygen sensor.

Note the V5 G1 ecus could accept either a wideband or narrowband sensor.  The narrowband sensor is displayed as a voltage in PC Link, the AFR value you mention will only work with a wideband connected with the correct controller.   So what im saying is dont expect the AFR reading to work after you replace the narrowband sensor...  


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