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Intake Air Temp sensor on EJ205 [IAT] [ACT]


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Hey everybody,


I'm using traditional fuel calculation on my Subaru Impreza GC8 WRX EJ205 (the classic one with no TGV).

As it's advised to use an intake air temperature sensor, I bought an AEM 30-2014 sensor and I was planning to set it instead of PCV valve an add a catch can. To do so, I bought an adaptor from 1/4NPT et 1/8NPT (I found in an other forum the PCV valve is 1/4BSP), I hope the NPT will fit the BSP... stupide imperial units but anyway.

The problem is the adaptor as a smaller inside dimeter after the 1/8 thread and the sensor as a cylinder in this area so it doesn't fit. Has anyone ever had the problem? Where did you put the sensor? Did you found an adaptor that fit with the cylindre?

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https://www.discounthydraulichose.com/9031-04-02-14-bspt-male-x-18-bspt-female.html -- the AEM temp sensors are actually BSPT I believe as I tried to put one in a threaded hole that was 1/8 NPT and it would never tighten up.  I think this should work for you or you can run a drill through it if necessary.

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Ok good to know for the BSPT.

The problem will probably still be the same with adaptor because there is a reduction of diameter after the inner thread.

In this picture, the interference is in red. We also notice the sensitive area is not far enough to be clearly in the air flow.


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Yes it would be just perfect but I didn’t found a sensor that directly fits. The thread in the intake is ¼ BSPT. I saw many 1/8 BSPT and M14 sensors.

I bought a BSP tape but no idea if its gonna fit with the BSPT. The BSPT tape are much difficult to found and I’ve never worked with inches…

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