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2008 WRX STI , 10th generation , which ECU to go for?

David H

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hi all 

Some quick question here , I own a 2008 WRX STI , 10th generation , engine replace with Cosworth , looking forward to tune it.

Now I wonder since there are 2 ECU type ,  G4X and G4+ , and I can see there more product under these 2 type , which one is recommend? What is the real difference between them? 


Any feedback will be appreciate. Wish you have a great day. 

BTW , if I am consider use a used Links computer , is there anything I need be aware of ? 
I mean is there any function or configuration can be locked or encrypted , and prevent me from using it?

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The G4x is the latest, and current, platform. It will be getting new features and bug fixes - G4+ will not.

So, I guess you've now decided on the G4x.

Next up is the various models. The ECU comparison chart gives you a pretty good idea of the differences - you'll probably want to consider one of the "Plug-In" versions, as this will, pretty much, just plug straight into your existing wiring loom, replacing the guts of your current ECU.

The Plug-Ins are based on the Xtreme, so you get (mostly) the full benefits of that model - the only limitation is that a small number of the inputs and outputs aren't available to you - so if you're planning lots of analog/digital inputs, and using all the possible outputs, you will need to check carefully the Pinouts and what is available on the Expansion Connectors on the board - if you download the PCLink G4x software and install it on your computer, you can access the excellent Help file, which is one of the best sets of documentation I've ever seen. From memory, there's about 4 different variations of Subaru plug-in versions, so check which one is most appropriate for you, as wiring and triggering modes change between the different versions.

Otherwise, you've got one of the Wire-In versions - these will need you to fully wire in the ECU into your car, but gives you the most flexibility and access to every pin you wish.

Unlike some ECUs, once you buy one, you get all features available to that model, including any new enhancements, without any extra licencing fees.

The ECU can be locked, preventing you from seeing the tune, and some tuners do lock ECUs after tuning, so be sure to ask the question of your tuner before accepting their service if that's going to be a problem for you - and if they will not agree to leave the ECU unlocked, find another tuner who will.


There are a lot of "Sample Maps" provided too for a number of cars, these have the basic configuration done (things like triggering modes, cylinder count, firing order etc), and has a basic fuelling/ignition table that should, hopefully, allow you to start the car, get it up to temperature to check for leaks, and drive it under its own power on/off a trailer, so you can get it to a dyno for tuning - but don't expect any more from the Sample Map. It's not a fully tuned example, don't expect to turn the key and go driving the car merrily down the road!

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2008 would be a V11 I think, which we currently dont support.  "V10" chassis code is GG or GD generation 2 shape.  V11 is GR or GH, generation, usually hatch shape. 

We currently have a plug-in ECU for the V10, but not for the V11.  We are working on a plug-in for the V11 but it is still at least a couple of months away at a guess.

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