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TPS Load on Supercharged ITB Setup

Grant Baker

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Usually for mapping an ITB engine, I'd choose TPS vs RPM for fuel mapping.

If adding boost, I'd add a 4d table for compensation.

However, what about a supercharged engine with ITBs?

Part of me thinks TPS as load is fine without 4d as boost will generally be related to RPM and throttle anyhow?

Anybody done this and run with 4d? If so, any examples of the 4d table?

Or would you just let the ECU do the "heavy lifting" in the background, bearing in mind boost cannot be changed like on a turbo charger?

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If its a positive displacement blower it will most likely not need a 4D table, if it does I suspect it will only be very small tweaks in small areas.  Fully tune the main fuel table with 4D off or zeroed out, then drive it under some varying conditions to see if any other compensations are needed.

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