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G1 in an R33


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Sweet thanks for that (and apologies for the very late reply), I don't know much about the G1s capabilities. I've had to take the engine out and replace a few exhaust studs and other things I've found wrong with the car, would the G1 be able to be tuned for the following:

- 555 injectors (direct fit JECS/Nismo ones)
- Factory turbo with larger dump pipe
- Larger FMIC
- A/M blow off valve

I'm sure it would be able to run all of that since it's not far from factory, but just want to be double sure. Wanting to get the on the road as soon as possible to get some body work done, and it needs to drive in and out. Plus I'm itching to drive it!

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27 minutes ago, Adamw said:

Yes of course.  You will struggle to find someone that is interested in tuning it nowadays though.  

OK awesome, luckily I have the hand controller with the car and I have a local tuner who has said they can tune using it. Cheers!

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