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Error 73 and 84 V88 on BMW S54


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I am in the middle of tuning process of V88 on S54B32. Fuel, ignition, idle ctrl, double vanos, boost, everything is working properly except E throttle, I often get E throttle errors 73 Supply Aux 9/10 and 84 Overheat I/C .

I have removed return spring on every throttle and dc motor, tried few E throttle and PID setup combinations, I can get stable throttle movement but after few minute run it get 73 and 84 errors again and again.

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Some times if you are targeting 100% opening and or 0% closed it will bind before reaching 100% or 0% try a target of 98% open and 1% closed to see if this helps.

Also make sure all the mechanism is free moving and not binding at all.

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