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Curious about a Link Monsoon running a v6...


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 Hi, I was wondering if anyone has experience running V6's on the Monsoon. I'm looking to go standalone and make my own harness for my MR2 when I swap the engine. Just curious what configurations will work for a V6. The motor in question is the 2GR-FE.

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Whilst the Monsoon can run a 6 Cyl no worries in semi-sequential mode and wasted spark ignition, I think for the 2GR with 4 VVT camshafts the monsoon is going to be a bit restrictive in terms of IO.   It would have to be converted to cable throttle to start with.  Then it only has 6 aux outputs and you are going to need 4 of them just for the camshafts.  That doesnt leave you enough for fans, fuel pump, idle valve, CE light, etc.  There are 4 DI's but you would use 3 of them just for the camshafts...

You might be better to look at the Storm if you are converting to cable throttle, or Xtreme if you want to keep E-throttle.

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I had issues with running out of Aux pins to control my 2GR in an MR2, looking at my basemap I am using:

  • 4 for VVT, you could do just the intake and leave the exhaust unused though as I didn't find any large power gains from controlling the exhaust cams.
  • 3 for dash gauges (tacho, speedo, temp) which you could reduce to just the tacho
  • 3 for dash lights (oil pressure, Cruise and CE Light) neither of which is essential
  • 3 for E-Throttle, not needed if converting to cable
  • 1 for ACIS (intake flap)
  • 1 for Fuel pump

I've attached a copy of my tune as a reference, note it is not a factory engine.

2GR 309whp.pclx

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