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How to confirm failed Auxilary output for PNP Link G4+ ecu

Edmund Turner

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Hi gents, 

How do I tell if an ecu auxilary has failed on a link ecu g4+?  As an example, I was trying to configure a Auxlilary output 1 to drive a low side fan relay. When I couldnt activate the relay, I noticed that the Aux output 1 had 12V all the time when the ignition was switched on. The voltage of the output remains 12V even I changed the polarity from 'low' to 'high' or vice versa.  I swapped to another Auxilary output and the issue was resolved. 

Is there another way to test aux ouptuts ( from logs or runtime values) to determine if it has failed? And if its failed, can this be repaired?


thank you

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Setting like below the aux output should be close to 0V.  

It would be pretty rare for one to fail as it has several protections built-in.   The Aux IC's do groups of 4 outputs so usually if the controller fails you would have 4 aux outputs that dont work (aux 1-4 are a group). 

But yes if there is a hardware issue it can be repaired.


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Hi Adam, thanks for confirming. Yes ,I did change the poliarity to 'low' and expected to see 0V but the Aux ouput 1 is always 12V. I moved the fan to another ouput and it works fine. I did check the other Aux -2,3 and 4 and they working. I will liase with support team If we need to send the ecu to be checked. 


Thank you!

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