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G4+ monsoon and E-throttle


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I have said ECU and wanted to wire into my toyota 1NZ-FE engine with E-throttle. I searched high and low before decided to post this questions here:

1. Is the link E-throttle module compatible with G4+ Monsoon? If not, what are my options other than using a cable throttle or replacing the ECU? 

2. Piggybacking the monsoon onto the original ECU, and using the original to handle E-throttle. How possible is it to setup?

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The G4+ monsoon can in fact do E-throttle with the external module, but the problem is you only have 4 analog inputs.  For E-throttle you will need 2 of those for the throttle, 2 for the pedal, so you will have none left for anything else.  Similar story on Aux outputs, you only have 6 and you will need 3 of those for e-throttle. 

You will be best to convert to cable throttle or upgrade to an ecu with more IO.  Piggybacking an E-throttle car typically doesnt work well.

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1 hour ago, plox said:

Hi Adam, friend is in a similar situation but with a g4x (monsoon & 13b n/a with e throttle). Just to confirm, no difference to what you said above - appears it would take up all the an inputs & 3 of the aux?

Yes pretty much the same story with the G4X, except G4X is quite a bit more flexible with CAN inputs, so you could possibly add more analog inputs that way.  

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