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how to bench test a knock sensor with a Link G4X fury

Edmund Turner

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hi all, 

I have a Fury G4X  connected to a wiring loom and a battery on a table. It has a base map and I can test all outputs/inputs and sensors, except the knock sensor. As I understand the vehicle must be runnng and past the RPM lockouts for the knock sensor to be active. 

I may be missing the obvious but Is there a way to bench test knock sensors without installing them in a running vehicle?




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1st, set that disable digital input to off as it wont work with it permanently disabled...

I havent tested this, but I expect this will probably work:

  1. Set RPM low and TPS low lockout to 0. 
  2. Add parameter "Knock Level Global" to a big gauge on screen. 
  3. Give the engine block a wack with a spanner or similar.   
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