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BMW S52B32 Euro Single Vanos

Edmund Turner

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Hi all, I would like advice to confirm my setup for the single VANOS for a S52b32. These are 'cam switch ' type vanos simialr to the M50 with just one VANOS oil solenoid and a single intake camshaft sensor to help advance the intake cams from 2.5k to 4.5k. I have not fconfigured cam control as this is not a 'vvt' system.

I have wired a relay to power the vanos. Im using Aux output 8 to send a 'high side' (12V) to activate the VANOS relay at the defined conditions.  Would the GP output config below suffice for his 'cam switch' type setups?

Startup map attached for reference.



S52b32 bmw startup .pclx

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