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Link CAN Lambda Errors


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Is there any documentation regarding the errors reported and what they mean or why?

I've had 2 units installed for 10+ months, working perfect. Last week, lambda 2 dropped to a 0.000 reading on my dash. After a quick data log, I see it is cycling.

Error 2 and status 'diagnostics' for about 1 second

Error 2 and status 'calibration' for 20 seconds

Error 16 heated too long and status 'diagnostics' for ~0.5 seconds

Error 48 APE and status 'diagnostics' for ~ 0.5 seconds

and then back to Error 2 and status 'diagnostics' for 1 second


Lambda temp is 0 while reporting diagnostic status, and ranges from 65 to 156 while reporting calibration.


Any ideas before I start pulling things apart?


Edit: I just read the manual and see the codes. APE over voltage, what does that mean? I assume I'll need to put the car up on the hoist and look at the connectors/wiring near the sensors?

Pleases and thank yous.

Edit 2: Going back a few months into some other logs, I see a few instances of error 26 battery under voltage. What is the significance of this? I ask because I can't log easily during cranking, and the lowest battery voltage I have in any logs is 13.2V

I have a 90minute log from Jan 21 where it reports error 26 the entire time, and battery voltage is above 13.2 the entire time, and lambda 2 is displaying as expected. At what point do the sensors check for errors or go back to reporting 'OK' if no errors are there?

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2 are 48 are generally caused be a failing sensor, but since you have an error 16 and 26 in there too which are usually power supply related, it would pay to eliminate that first.  Try moving the power wire direct to battery - even if its just with a biot of scrap wire for a test.  If the errors go away then you can look closer at the power source, if error 48 or 2 still remains then replace the sensor - or try swapping with lambda 1 if you have two.  

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I got all kinds of errors when connecting straight to the battery, and lambda 1 dropped off as well. I can't explain WTF was happening, existing accessory feed from the ECU and direct from the battery were supplying the same voltage.


I've ordered new sensors anyway, hopefully it goes away.

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If you have a jumper pack or similar it would be worth trying powering from that.  Potentially something like AC ripple due to a failing diode in the alternator.  

If you continue to have drama I would try the 22uF capacitor as shown in the alternative diagram of the quick start guide.

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