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CAN BUS Wiring


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I have a question about the maximum wiring length for the main bus length. The help file says 15 meters long. Does this factor in the twisted wiring? Or is it assuming 15 meters of wire, then twist the wires? 

I only ask because with my MR2, the ecu is in the trunk so I am trying to figure out optimal routing based on the wire length I have to work with. 



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The bus length is as shown on the drawing, it is the length of the bus from end to end.  The raw untwisted wire would be longer. 

The quoted 15M is actually very conservative though, probably outdated, you will get away with a lot more than that.  Most modern CAN specs now quote 30 or 40M max for a 1Mbit bus.  If you drop the speed to 500kbit the length restriction becomes 100M, so you can always drop speed if you think you have too much length.

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I'm going to be getting the Link CAN gauge when it comes out and will want to run it with the Link CAN Lambda I just purchased.

1) It looks the gauge will terminate one end and the ecu will terminate the other?

2) I have a ton of extra wire I removed from the expansion harness. Is that gauge wire too thick for the CAN BUS? If so, what gauge wire is optimal for the CAN BUS wiring? looks to be 26-28awg?

Thanks for your help. 

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