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How to combine formulas into one

k fuku

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この式の最後に(a + b + 100)/ 100 * cを追加します

最後に(a + b + 100)/100*c*14.7を追加すると、 式は機能せず、ゼロになります。

方程式の最後に(a + b + 100)/100*c*14.7を追加すると、方程式は機能せず、0になります。(a + b + 100)/ 100 * c * 14は機能しますが、I理由はわかりません。



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I think it is probably the 20 character limit that is causing it to fail.  Although your formula only has 20 characters and the help file reads like it should work with "up to 20 characters", it seems like 19 works, 20 doesnt to me.   Im not sure if that limit is just poorly worded or if there is an error in the firmware.

Ill ask @Vaughan to confirm next week.   

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