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Rpm drops to zero


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I have a Ford throttle body eith a 2 wire idle control valve. The stock was a 3 wire and I could not find anything on how to change to a 2 wire. Was hoping to delete or that it would not be needed since the factory iacv delete with my factory ecu did not cause issues. I live in a hot climate which is why I deleted in the past.

Is there any documentation on changing to 2 wire from 3 wire?

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The 3 wire solenoid will have a 12V wire and 2 that are connected to aux outputs.  A 2 wire solenoid needs a 12V wire and one connected to an aux output.  You can use either aux wire.  Just which ever one you keep (aux 1 or Aux 2) will need to be set to ISC solenoid and the disconnected one will need to be set to off.

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