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E throttle relay - is high side trigger ok?


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Fury G4X ECU - I'm building a custom loom for a friend at the moment and I had the E throttle relay being enabled by the main relay output (along with the coil relay).

From what I've read, this is ok, and I can trick the ECU by assigning a spare AUX out for the E throttle to work. I've had a change of heart and want to have the safety of an ECU controlled relay.

Problem - my relays are ground bussed (Bussman fuse/relay box) and I'm triggering everything on the high side. Will I run into back-feeding problems (or safety problems) by high side triggering the E throttle relay? (I'm also high triggering the starter relay)

Should I just return the wiring to how I had it and trick the ECU?


Thank you!

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8 minutes ago, Adamw said:

I’m not at a pc right now, but assuming you have aux 5-8 free and the software allows you to set e-throttle relay output up as highside drive then it will be fine.  No risk of back feed with HS.

Yes, it will be Aux 7 and E throttle Setup Mode is allowing me to set it as high side.

Thank you!

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