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Link CAN LAMBDA installation help


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Adam, kindly confirm all the steps to be taken when installing a Link CAN LAMBDA system please, for future reference

Physical installation we know.

On which port do we connect it to on the ecu ? DI port ?

Then inside the ECU itself, how do we "enable" it and what other settings must then be enabled and configured ?

Kindly assist and MANY thanks as always for your kind support.

Latest-before-1.4 map changes.pclr

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It needs to be connected to one of the CAN ports.  A CANJST cable and possibly the extension is the easiest option, or you can make your own if you have a crimp tool for JST and DTM connectors. 

Set-up instructions are in the help file page:  G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > CAN > Device Specific CAN Information > Link CAN-Lambda.




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Sorry Adam, but which pins should be used for the CAN H and CAN L cables? there are 5 pins on the can connector on the ecu board, as per the picture, kindly let me know clearly which pin ( from left pin 1 to right pin 5) must CAN L and where CAN H must be connected? The grey circled connector :)

link pic.jpg

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Thanks Adam, that was the one. One weird thing. I followed all instructions and it didn't work, so just to test I used all the settings as described, but selected CAN2 , even though we plugged into Can1 port on the ecu, then the CAN Lambda came on .... weird

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