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water meth set up


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No, PWM on the pump with the solenoid open is generally the preferred option.  The reason is if you PWM the solenoid you dont have a continuous flow, you have a relatively low frequency pulsed flow.  At different RPM's etc those pulses will bias certain cylinders - some cylinders will get all the wmi and others will get none.

There are some high frequency solenoids to allow the solenoid to be PWM'd, but most arent.

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When I was looking for fail safes it seemed the flow sensors weren't reliable so I ended putting a pressure sensor post solenoid, it measured pressure and the ecu had a switch for boost/fuel/Ign tables based on the pressure being within the correct region. Seemed to drop back often when fluid was low (& without any surge protection) so was worth while.

I found prometh had a fast acting solenoid with low draw, majority of the rest were not suitable for pwm as per the above.

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