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BMW Oil level thermal switches

Edmund Turner

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Hi all, I need some advice if I can wire up a stock BMW Oil level switch from a E36 BMW S50B32 M3 into a Fury G4X.  I have been tyring to find more info on this sensor but cant seem to get much beside the pinout from the workshop manual. 

From the workshop manual, the signal from the sensor is sents a signal to the stock ecu and then to a 'checklight ' on the instrument cluster.  How it supposed to work;  when the oil is low in the vehicle, the oil level sensor  signal  to the stock ecu and in turn output to a warning light that flashes  on the stock cluster whnen car is started to warn the driver. 

My question is; 

!. Can I calibrate the oil level sensor as an input to the LINK G4X ecu ? If I can, then I can output and activate the stock warning light in the instrument cluster to retain this stock functionality? 

Just trying my luck if anyone has an idea before I try to scope the signal.


Thanks in advance. image.png.73150099071a94276419e52d40922a24.png


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I have tried to find info for these a few years ago and didnt find anything concrete.  Some sources say they output both temp and level using a variable frequency and PW kind of similar to a flex fuel sensor.  Other references I found seem to suggest the temp is only used internally by the microprocessor in the sensor and the sensor only outputs level.  The S54's do have a separate oil temp sensor on the filter housing so my hunch is probably the later is more likely.  If you connect it to DI1-4 these are captured with the triggerscope so you may be able to work it out from that.   

Snip below from a S54 factory electronic document


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