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Which cylinder is the "knock window" setting?

orange EP

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I'm using Link G4x atom with toyota 4e-fte
The knock sensor is BOSCH

In the knock control settings, "windows start", "Windows Length", is this the setting of cylinder 1 ?

In my engine, I installed one knock sensor between cylinder 2 and cylinder 3.
I want to measure knock with cylinder 2 or cylinder 3.
Is it possible to set it?

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Since your engine has a trigger capable of 720deg sync, the ecu always know which cylinder is firing - even with a distributor.  So It checks for knock in the knock window for each cylinder after the cylinder has just fired.  If it hears knock in the knock window for cyl 2 after cylinder 2 just fired then it knows that the knock came from cyl 2.  Placement of the sensor doesnt matter, it will hear knock from all cylinders.  

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