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MXG 1.2 Fuel Reading


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Hi, I'm trying to configure my fuel level to my MXG 1.2 dash.

I've got 18 litres of fuel in the car yet my dash is reading 52 litres??

I haven't finished measuring the ohms and fuel levels as I wanted to check the accuracy.

Anyone know what I've done wrong in the configuration?

My vehicle is a 1989 Mazda MX5 with an aftermarket fuel pump.


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So basically instead of the existing fuel level signal wire plugging straight into the back of the 23pin amp plug, i need to insert this pull up resistor and then re-attach to the 23pin amp plug in the same pin location yeah?

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Ok, I've wired in the resistor and connected it to pin 4 in the 23 pin amp plug.
When I go to the Live Measures screen I can't see where the voltage reading is?
I've got the old Fuel Level custom sensor that I had setup before. I removed that custom setup but it is still showing on this screen for some reason.


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