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Subaru 2011 wrx sti plugin


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i got asked to source an ecu for a 2011 wrx sti 

does the WRX107X work ? i know the 2008 sti hatchback needs the can communication for the DCCD etc, i have no idea about the 2011 sedan model

i havent seen the car yet so cant tell about push button start etc , no idea about eudm or jdm model
which questions do i need to ask the owner so i can select this ecu an be 100% sure?

rally car , no need for girly stuff like cruise control etc

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We have a GR plug-in coming out soon, it should work in a 2011 sedan provided yours has the denso ECU.  I believe >2012 they also still had the same ECU but the CAN changed, I havent found a >2012 car to test yet so initially our GR ecu will be marketed as compatible with 2007-2011 models.  The WRX107 ecu is similar but needs quite a few changes especially for the models with 4 x AVCS cams, if it only has 2 AVCS cams it wouldnt be too bad to repin the loom to make the WRX107 work.  If its push button start that will make the WRX107 option more difficult too.   

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