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2011 wrx canbus capable?


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I'm getting ready to swap my 2011 wrx from stock ecu to a fury g4+ ecu wire in and before I start this I wanted to know if the g4+ ecu supports the 07-11 subaru can bus. I see the g4x does but I have the g4+. Is there a way to import the g4x subaru setting for can bus into the g4+ or a link to where I can get all the functions for the canbus to work on the g4+.

Wanting to know if I'm better off selling the g4+ and upgrading to the g4x for this specific reason.

Reason I have the fury g4+ was from an audi project I was doing but scrapped the audi and now onto the subaru.

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Unfortunately no way to get that into the G4+.  It has some quite unique data sent over CAN including 3 different types of torque values and many message counters etc that are too complicated to generate with the generic user CAN in G4+.  

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This chassis is pretty IO hungry, the stock functions use nearly all IO the ECU has.  There is an expansion connector, I has 1 spare DI on it for adding a switch.  There may be others spare depending on the specific chassis - some have 4 x AVCS cams, some only have 2, some have cruise control, some dont, some have push button start, some have key start.  

There are also a couple of other existing switches that can be used - for example the rear demister switch is available in the ECU so you could use that for launch or ALS, models with Si Drive the Si Drive knob is available in the ecu to switch 3 different things on/off.  Handbrake switch, traction control switch, clutch switch & brake switch are available in ecu so you could potentially use one of these for launch control. 

Release ETA is hard to say due to the extreme pressures in the electronics industry at present, but my feeling is within the next 3 months, ECU is awaiting some components for final assembly.   

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