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4age 20v startup problem. No spark during crank . ADVICE needed


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Greetings . i am running an atom x for 4age 20v stock injectors stock distributor and igniter. with No ISCV and VVT.

I found that coil is not giving out spark as i crank the engine. suspect injector no opening as well based on the log

i found it out its not giving spark when i have all 4 cable and spark plug remove and placed on the valve cover to check spark

I did injector test on all 4 injector with fuel pump run. I can see clear fuel spraying.

Did a coil test as well. with 2 coil and igniter unit from running 4age.

I do notice a GP rpm limit #1 code was stored. Not sure what is that and why.

check all the 12v on coil, igniter and injector with test pen as well. seem to be fine.

checked distributor AC voltage signal as well. 0.5v at 500rpm for 24 tooth and 0.3v max pulse at 500rpm for home trigger

or i have missed out anything to active the injectors and coil?

I can see the inj 1-4 and ign 1 is active during the crank . but 0 duty cycle and dwell in the log.

pulled a trigger runtime list . trigger 1 and 2 goes green as i crank.



i have upload a pclx , log file, trigger scope log and wiring diagram i have built.

p/s FAN relay and VSS is not connected for now


TriggerScopeLog.llgx PC Datalog - 2022-04-24 3;22;30 pm.llgx 4age20v.pclx wiring.pdf

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Very thank you for all the advices. turned the gp rpm limit off and  the car start just fine. 

20 hours ago, koracing said:

Or change the GP RPM limit 1 table values to something above the actual operating rpm desired.

right. it will be a learning scope for me in future

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