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New to aftermarket ECUs


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So as the title states I’m new to every ECU and more or less any tech so any help would be much appreciated. I’m currently starting a project of swapping a ford 351M into a Subaru Forester. I plan on adding some features that weren’t apart of the engine from factory such as o2 sensors, a Holley efi sniper carb, electric fans, and much more. My question is which Link ecu would best allow this to happen and have everything function lights and all how this would stock? 

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Yes the sniper has an ecu inside the "carb" unit.  Holley does sell "stealth" throttle bodies with injectors in them but no ecu though that could theoretically be used with a different ecu, but they are not inexpensive.  It may be worth looking into modifying an aftermarket intake manifold for individual port injectors and an air only throttle body instead of one of these drop on control units.

One of the bigger hurdles you'll need to overcome is getting good trigger signals for crank/cam position to the ecu on an older originally carbureted motor.  There are "dual sync" distributors available for many applications that would give a reasonably good cam and crank signal to use with aftermarket EFI system like Link.  

If I was contemplating a swap like you are proposing and wanted it to largely look stock on the outside, I would look at using the plug-in Link ecu that most closely matches your forester wiring harness to have integration into the rest of the car largely handled, and then modify the original car engine harness to reach whatever it needed to on the motor to make it run.  There could be other issues depending on how the original forester dash got all of its lights and signals as it may be that not all came from the ecu.  

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