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300Z link G4+, OBD2 connector


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Hi all, I'm looking at a fancy steering wheel with LED's and a bluetooth OBD2 connector. I've seen that an OBD2 connector can be wired in via CAN, but I'm already using 2 x link CAN Lambda units.

Can I wire in an OBD2 on the same BUS?

Will this interrupt anything in my car PC dash (windows, PClink via usb)?




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The 300Z ecu has two CAN ports so it would probably be easier to wire the OBD2 socket up to the other one.  

The ecu will actually support the OBD2 and CAN lambdas all on the same port, but by default the lambdas run at 1Mbit/s and although that is officially allowed in the OBD2 standard, the vast majority of OBD2 tools only support 250K or 500K. 

You can reprogram the lambdas to run at 250 or 500K though if you wish to have it all on the same bus.  

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