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Boost controller back feeding


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Hi im running storm x on my SR20. Im in the testing and setup stages of my harness build and when i power up the harness im using a ignition trip relay that feeds power from the starter B terminal to the rest of the engine harness. When i cycle the key to ON, everything powers up as it should, when i cycle the key off the relay doesn’t shut off. I have narrowed it down to the boost controller, everything works as it should if the boost controller is unplugged. I have the boost controller wired 12v and ground (orange & black from link flying lead) the orange & black wire is also showing 12v. I checked the pins at the ECU and its in the correct location. Is there a setting on PC link that i need to change for orange and black (Aux 1) to be ground not positive or is that orange wire supposed to be hot and i need to supply it ground?

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5 hours ago, Liamnissan_sr20 said:

The trip side of the relay is ign power from the key.

Something is not wired as you believe.  The only way the boost solenoid could cause a back feed was if it still has 12V to the other side of it after the ignition has switched off.  This supply relay is staying alive for some reason.  

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