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Connecting Sensor to Evo Maf


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Hi there

Looking to connect Bosch IAT, Bosch pressure and Flex sensor to the standard MAF connector on my EVO 6.

Bosh Air temp = Signal neg , Signal Pos

Bosch Pressure = Signal neg, Signal pos 5v  ,Signal output

Flex = Signal Neg, Signal Pos 12v, Signal out


Looking at the Maf diagram link has supplied

Bosch Air temp = pin 5 and pin 6 ambient temp?

Bosch Pressure = Pin 1 for 5v, pin 5 for ground and either pin 2/3 for signal output?

Flex =Pin 5 for ground , pin 4 for 12v and either pin 2/3 for signal output?


Will this work or am I reading everything wrong? Wanted to connect to maf to free up some room on my XS loom for other sensors.






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You can connect the temp sensor signal to pin 6, this is connected to AN Temp 2 at the ecu end.  The pressure sensor signal can connect to pin 3, this is AN Volt 2 at the ecu end.  

The AFM baro pin is not connected to anything at the ecu end.  Although you could use the wire to take the flex signal back to the ecu if that was convenient. I believe that wire goes to pin 85 at the ecu end, so you would have to unpin that wire and move it to a DI - for example DI5/pin 44.

The ground/5V/12V connections are all ok as you have suggested.  

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Sorry for the late reply, thankyou for you help clarifying the connections AdamW. Just to confirm if so move pin 85 to pin 44 of expansion loom if I wanted to use AFM Baro Pin as my Flex Signal. 

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Pin 85 on the ecu header (on the 22 pin connector) would move to pin 44 on the ecu header (on the 16 pin connector) - not using the expansion loom for that in the scenario Adam described.

If you have a couple expansion looms, however, the 2nd expansion 8 pin connector looks like it has DI7, 8, and 9 on it and these could also be used for the flex fuel sensor input.

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