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g4+ 350z WARNING E-Throttle


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In general, the situation is this:
- The car was set up by a tuner more than 3 years ago, it drove calmly, there were no problems, and yesterday I rode for a long time, at some point in front of the intersection the car itself died out, stood for about 20 minutes and started up calmly.
Today I went to work, almost got there, and she started to twitch again, when I move from my place, she sharply raised and lowered the orbits, thereby twitching very much while driving, I drowned her out and after 2 minutes calmly started up and drove the remaining 300 meters.
PS: link g4+, 350z

I don’t understand car tuning at all, only the basic concepts are there, I connected with a laptop and saw the following error:

WARNING: This will disable all E-Throttle safety systems. Under no conditions should the vehicle be driven.

Could you tell me what I should look at and in which application menu so that I can try to find the problem myself.

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