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350Z - VDC switch


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This isn't a tuning question but couldn't find a better home for it.

Anyone familiar with the early 350Z VDC knows that the OEM VDC button basically reduces its impact but doesn't turn it off completely.

There are a few forum posts and YouTube videos about installing a switch to successfully cut power to the VDC unit, although there doesn't seem to be common agreement (or just indifference) on whether to splice the switch in power or ground.

I'm of the understanding that it's better practice to cut power as allowing power through but cutting ground increases the chance of shorting/surges.

Is one option better than the other or doesn't matter?

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Yes I would place the switch in the 12V supply.  The main ground is often connected to a common ground plane internally for grounding other devices such as sensors etc, so if you cut the main ground you can end up pulling high currents through a sensor that wasnt designed for it.  

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