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1UZFE VVTi Throttle Retention


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Hello folks,

Planning to get a link ECU for my build. It is a 2000 Lexus GS400 Supercharged with a Vortech.

I am under the impression that I will have to retain my stock ECU for the throttle and VVT-i system to function. since main engine control will be handed over to the Link ECU wont the stock ECU go into limp mode with all the 'missing' sensors and limit throttle?


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Yes, you are absolutely right the Auto trans would pose another problem, but the car has be manually swapped so thats one less issue to deal with. Apologies for not mentioning it.

For the dash I was also seriously concidering a Link race dash. The only thing really standing in my way is finding a sutable dash adapter/bracket for a nice clean look.

So, the current line of recommended Link ECU's for my build (Fury, Storm, Extreme) would have no problem controlling throttle and VVT-i? Thats great to hear. That eliminates a lot of potential issues I was not lookng forward to dealing with. Perhaps the Person/dealer I spoke with has outdated information. Anyway, thank you for the update! 

Do you guys have a wiring schematic available for the above mentioned ECU's VVT-i 1UZ-FE for viewing?

Speaking of ECU's are there any plans to upgrade the Link Thunder to the G4-X line?

Thanks again for the info!

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I would probably lean towards an Xtreme for the 1U.  The Fury would also do it if you wanted built in Lambda.  Coils would be wired in wasted spark pairs with the Fury since it only has 6 ign outputs.  

Wiring for the Toyota clutched throttle is in the help file, Wiring Information > Input Signal Wiring > Analog Inputs > Throttle/Accelerator Position Sensors > Specific TPS/APS Applications > Toyota Clutched Electronic Throttle

Wiring for the VVT and coils is in the help file: Wiring Information > Output Wiring > Variable Valve Timing (VVT) Solenoids > Specific VVT Applications > Toyota 2UZFE VVT Wiring

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