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CAN support -> standard OBDII reader functionality


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Hello all,

I have a V88 with serial prior to 10000, therefore I need the minor hardware upgrade to get the real CAN support. This shouldn't be a problem anyways..

I would like to understand if I get this upgrade will I be able to use a standard OBDII reader to read some real-time data such as AFR, engine speed, boost, etc....

My idea is to use a android tablet as an additional gauge display with a OBDII -> Bluetooth adapter like this:

http://www.amazon.co.uk/OEM-CAN-BUS-Blu ... B005PMN70S

Will this work at all?

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Bringing this up again.

I have now installed a obd2 reader on the can input.

this one.

http://www.plxdevices.com/product_info. ... 2BLUETOOTH

well the V1 to be accurate.

Im using the "Torque" app on my phone.

Cant seem to get the adaptor to see the ecu.

I tried to setup the CAN as both user defined and as different cars. like 350z. I figured that if the ecu mimics the canprotocol of the 350z the reader should be able to pick up on it. (although i dont actually have a 350 but the kiwi dont know that).

As i am apparently doing it wrong, are you able to provide me with a few screenshots of how the ecu should be setup to get me going?

I read the can part in the helpfile but that did not do much for me. I need to read up on CAN protocol i suppose.

Again, this is on a i88! Not v88

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Hi Steve,

how did you terminate the wiring from the ECU to the OBD2 connector.

Can you put up a screen shot of your settings.

Have you setup the IP address of the Kiwi WiFI in your phone.

I take it if you are using the TORQUE app you are using an Android phone, not an iPHONE.



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Got it working!

I somhow mixed up sensor ground and chassis ground on the obd connector. Waking up with a fresh head this morning made the trick.

Set it up as 350z and its working.

Its not sending out EGT data though. Got 2 hooked up to anV6 and 7 using caltables. Is this cause of the car i chose to mimic or is it just not implemented yet?

Also torque does not pick up on faultcodes. I triggered my ECT fault settings and made a code in the ecu but the app did not pick up on it..

But as i understand it this feature is still under development so...

Edit: found my own answer in a few helpfile pages i had not seen. Dont know how i missed it.

It seems like that as of now EGT through CAN has not been implemented yet.

Do this meen that you cant configure it manualy either?

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Hi Steve,

Glad to hear you managed to get the OBD-II working. The mode you have selected in the CAN Setup window makes no difference, with the exception of it being set to off. My recommendation would be User Defined so you are not sending a lot of unnecessary data on the CAN bus.

The OBDII data currently sent out is not fully featured. It is not user configurable. We would definitely like to improve the data stream sent out, particularly in respect to passing vehicle checks in different countries. If you have any more feedback about what it requires please post it and I will pass it onto our firmware engineers.


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Well apart from a working CEL while ingition on (as i emailed you about) being able to read codes is a start. Imagine a tech come across a CEL, or somhow triggers one by accident himself, and when he hook up his reader he gets a "no codes" message he will start to wonder...

Personaly i miss being able to have a read on EGT`s. (PID 78 and 79)

Exhaust (back)pressure 73

Oil pressure

As the latest isnt in the industy obd2 pid list one would have to be able to make our own parameters. Oilpressure as an example is one that in the Torque app is a predefined custom PID called 221470

But i kind of assume more parameters will be implemented as time passes?

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On the V88 even with the CAN upgrade it dose not support OBD2

This is however an option on the new i Series.

I have a vipec vx plug in ecu. Would this support obd2? And if so, I can just wire in the the can hi and can lo pins. Then supply 12v and a ground to the proper points on the obd2 connector? Thanks in advance!

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the plug in V SERIES are the same, you require the I SERIES as it has the bigger processor etc to cope with all of the  the new functions.




Thanks for the reply. One more question. If I were to get a tablet with a usb port to plug in direct. Would it have to be one with a windows based operating system? Is it possible to use the Android or IOS operating systems? 

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Hi jonessw20,

You will need to use a Windows base OS to run the PC LINK SOFTWARE.

 TOSHIBA TABLET WITH G4 RUNNING 003.mp4    I use an 8" Toshiba Tablet with USB to Mini USB adaptor running Windows 8 for this exact purpose, makes for a very nice dash and can also tune from it.

If you did run REV app for example on an iPAD, you will still need to terminate to the CAN HI and LO.



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