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g4x gttx map senor issue


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hi we have wired map sensor to anv1 thru the maf sensor.issue we have is it fires and runs then cuts out ,we also cant calibrate it reads either 3.8 kpa and about 97mgp  .so then we wired to the expansion v5 then we still couldn't calibrate it then the map says 204kpa not 3ish kpa and mgp drops to 45 ish so half .we have tried a few things sorry





its an innovate 4bar map sensor so i

dont no if thats the issue

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so have now just temporarily wired a link 4bar map sensor and we see vacuum and boost now Yah.

bap is 98.4 kpa at ignition on map is 100kpa .map sensor wont calibrate says error + or - 5kpa ? tried a linear table had 100kpa or 0 or 6 i think 

but we are getting somewhere .noticed also with the key on map reading at 100 we are getting 198kpa under acceleration and map limit is 200 so then we are making 14psi boost ? my son says we should be only around 10 psi .

is this how its meant to read ? thanks

o and the IAT is here tomorrow


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Something still doesnt look right with MAP to me, you have 80Kpa at idle which is barely a vacuum.  With key on, engine off, what does BAP and MAP read?

Note also your alternator is not working and you have no acceleration enrichment enabled so you will what to fix those before tuning.  



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Hi Adam i think the alternator is working ?just done a log and its around 12 13v ,just looked at the accel enrichment and i done some changes did you have some settings to start with im new to the g4x had g4 learnt some bits then g4+ learned some of that now here we go again alot of different bits changed to learn . attached is the latest log and tune any help be great .lambda is wired to a aem x series uego both ecu and aem read different .i just noticed the ecu lambda 1 is at 5v so theres an issue there somewhere

thanks Ross





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6 hours ago, efi265 said:

i think the alternator is working ?just done a log and its around 12 13v

Charge voltage of a working alternator will usually be 14.5V.  Anything less than about 13.8 usually indicates an issue.


Your onedrive link is just another copy of the map, no log.

Start with the changes in orange below, this will be a closer starting point than you currently have.



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