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Running rich in low load areas under light throttle


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I am noticing - rich conditions in low load areas example if I am in 4th or 5th gear and accelerate AFR's dip into 11's low 12's I am noticing exhaust fumes while driving if window open 

One example at 11:50 minutes 

I could be wrong and the AFR's might be spot on for the load required but correct me if I am wrong please 

Any tips on helping me make the low load more acceptable or someone willing to remote tune and help that would be much appreciated.


Subaru Ej257 - ID-1700

Running on 98 Octane 

Thank you - 

latest9.llg Running rich .pclr

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lower your Accel Enrichment clamp it reaches about 36% thats why u got rich spots when hitting the throttle, I've seen couple of voltage drops I would check them out as well

I suggest u populate a 3D table for the injectors deadtimes since you got a FP sensor this will help to keep u on point as well.


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