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Dave Kriedeman

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Hi all,

just a quick note to let you all know there is a new VTS release available for download for V series ECU's.

It is VTS VER 4.10.2



I have the VTS 4.9.9 1784 in my V88 running a Rotary turbo engine.. Do you recommend to do the update to VTS Ver 4.10.2.

What was fix or change in the updated?


Thanks in advance

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Firmware Version 4.10.2 (Rev 2046) - 24-06-14


· Rotary hard limit fuel cut would switch off injection drives 5 and 6 (Fuel pump on Link plug in ECUs).

Firmware Version 4.10.1 (Rev 1847) - 29-01-13

New Features

· Ford Raptor VVT Mode


· RS500 Trigger Decoding mode has been changed so can work with engines other than four cylinders (eg Ferrari F40).

Firmware Version 4.10.0 (Rev 1817) - 17-12-13

New Features

· A new staged injection mode setting has been added. This allows selecting if staged injection works by sharing the fuel flow between the primary and secondary injectors or by just adding additional fuel on the secondary injectors.

WARNING: If using staged injection you MUST set this setting to Sec/Pri Ratio to keep the same fuel tuning as previous firmware versions

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