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Re: Subaru quad avcs


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Hi there, 

i have transplanted a Subaru ej207 quad avcs ,into my gc8

is cable throttle so ,no DBW , I having some problems wiring the exhaust cam signal

i used your quad avcs diagram , the only problem is that ,my exhaust cam sensor is 

3 wire Hall effect ,not reluctors , so wired it like the intake can sensor 

but it is not sensing well , do I need to change it to the older model reluctor sensor to

make it work, or just configure the Vvt 


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Hi Scott 

i am am still having trouble with my exhaust avcs 

funny thing is that is only sensing when I put active edge to rising 

but is running weird on f12 screen Vvt , my exhaust target is zero bit posn is running 

and idea what could be wrong , 

I am still running the Hall effect sensor for the exhaust rather then reluctors 


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Oh ok will check , funny thing is the solenoid duty can be seen at 30 percent 

even cam targets are 0 degree 

could there be a wiring problem ,for the Hall effect triggers that I could have 

wired the positive to negative and vice versa that's why is running on 

rising edge ?

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