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boost per gear issue


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Recently been playing with boost per gear setting. Driving around normally the ecu knows exactly what gear im in, I followed the instructions, and it works perfect, I've ramped up the duty to achieve target boost in 1st gear, (10%) the rest of the gears have zero correction.

The problem between wot gears 1 to 2, the ecu is still applying the extra duty half way through gear 2 causing a 1.5psi spike in 2nd. Im assuming, I have to either up or lower the setting in gear 1 to bring it back a little? see log of a 1-2 shift.

Any tips would be great, can experiment next time I take the car out.

gear ratio.JPG

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the ecu needs time to recognise that you are in second gear. 
As you said, ecu guesses the gear you are in thank to rpm and wheel speed.
If there was a gear position sens in the gearbox it would know instantly.
but in your case, the time you take to release the clutch and rpm to stabilise in regards to wheel speed so the ecu calculation is effective seem to take like barely 0.3s? 

which doesn't seem all that bad to me. 

As for a solution to this for your case, I'm not sure.

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