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Celica st185 Carlos Sainz (RC) with TST205X ECU


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Hello all !

A little backstory :
I have a celica  Carlos Sainz that I'm rebuilding, the car is a barn find (yes, some people let this kind oc car rot, what a shame ) and the original ECU is bad (nothing much, some capacitors leaking, but no PCB damage).
Since the ecu capacitor replacement is quite pricey (some people asked me about 450€) I have bought a TST205X , the ecu recommanded for my car.

So, the problem :

In the user manual, I see that I need a map sensor and an IAT sensor, since the car is a gen 2 3sge with some CS improvement, I don't know if there is already an map, but as far as I know only a MAF with a temp sensor in the airbox.

So, I need to buy an IAT sensor, but wich one?  I plan tu use the original connector for the sensor in the airbox, and place it between the WTA intercooler and the throttle body.
but I find some site online selling adaptaters for placing it on the manifold, like this one  :

and for the map, I guess that I can use a link one, and plug in in a depression hose on the manifold, or drill a new one?

Eager to see this car run again !


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I have a vague recollection there is already a MAP sensor on the firewall on these, toyota call it a boost pressure or turbo pressure sensor.  Plug the ECU in and check if there is any voltage showing on AN Volt 3 or 4.  

As a general comment the air temp sensor would usually work better in the pipework somewhere close to the throttle body rather than in the actual manifold as the pipework is generally lighter construction with less thermal mass.  However if you dont want to modify pipework and there is some plug and play adapter then it may be a good option.  Really any "open element" type air temp sensor is fine.  

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There is indeed a factory map sensor (labelled turbo pressure sensor) on AN Volt 4, but it is only like a 2.15 bar or something. It's kind of hard to fit the air temp sensor on the celica before the throttle body, and after the intercooler if you're still running the OEM air to water RC intercooler.  I make and sell a MAT adapter plate for 2nd generation 3SGTE engines that goes in place of the factory cold start injector under the throttle body for use with a 3/8" NPT air temp sensor (GM style) (the small feed hose to the cold start on the fuel rail can be plugged with an M8x1.0 thread bolt and crush washer).   I also make a pnp adapter harness that goes to the factory EGT temp sensor if you have that two pin connector on your harness (AN Temp 3 input on ecu) or a AFM pnp harness that gives two inputs (AN Temp 2, and AN Volt 3).   I assume you're also installing a wideband of some flavor?

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