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Know Voltages on Pins ?


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Hi, new to Link, got my G5 harness finished,  troubleshooting that my Throttle is not moving, no TPS

I want to validate that 

Pin A-5 is 12V

Pin A-6 has voltage for ON

Pin B-5 Ethrottle Power is 12V

I looked at the realtime screens, etc, but I don't see these "internal pins" 



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Hey Confused, thanks for the quick reply !

Im just trying to get the TPS Setup to run on this.

I have the throttle relay set to internal,  Im using Aux 9/10 for my PWM 

I can move the Throttle blade and see the TPS work..  

I did set run when stalled, throttle target table is set (im using the starter tune for a LS3) so lots of that default stuff is here.  

humm, is there a way to force a voltage on a pin, eg: force my ethrottle PWM to run in a test mode so I can watch it with a volt meter

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