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mazda 6mps vvt setup


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oh, i see, thanks Adam,

other settings ? 

aux 1 set to vvt solenoid, correct? 




trigger 2 vvti set to inlet / LH ? 

need to find offset or not? 



this is ok holden v6 

but there is also mazda 3, and settings are same 



also do i have to adjust this table 








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fuel sequential 

ignition direct spark

crank and cam sensor hall 

wired to trig1 and trig2 

i got signal from both, 


trigger wheel 60-2

trigger offset -125deg 


with cam sensor sync on i got backfire on intake, and engine when fires up after lots of cranking iz not running good. usually stalls.

when i turn sync off engine fires up, but usually from second (i know vipec dont know ehat cilinder is on fire) so i would really want to figuire this up. 

thanks Adam








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So you are using multi-tooth/missing trigger mode?  

Since you have 4 cam teeth you cant use "cam pulse 1x" sync mode, Trigger 2 sync mode should be set to Cam Level, if it doesnt start with that set then your offset is wrong and you are sparking on exhaust stroke.  Try the offset at 235 in that case. 

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On 3/23/2024 at 8:45 AM, josey said:

great, engine fires up on first crank, but, there is always but, engine is running but vipec is showing 0 rpm :) ???

I dont think so, The ecu cant fire injectors or spark if it doesnt know crank position and speed.  If you want any further help you will have to attach the tune and a PC log.  

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The Multi tooth missing with cam level sync should be fine. 
Can you get a trigger scope capture while the engine is running.

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I just tested your map on the bench, it seems the V series isnt happy using the Cam level sync when there are multiple teeth on the cam.  That works fine on our newer ecu's so I assumed the same would work here but no.  

I think Holden V6 Alloytec III trigger mode should work for this engine, please give that a try.  The trigger offset will be different as the holden mode has an extra offset hard coded in so it is a bit hard to guess with the info I have.  I think possibly around 150 or -210.    

If the engine doesnt start reliably or if you get errors when the VVT cams move with Holden V6 trigger mode, then try the Chev LS2/LS7 mode next, these modes are both very similar 60-2 on the crank and 2 x long, 2 x short on the cam, just the cam teeth are expected in different locations.  

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I give up from VVT, now i just want to engine to be synced and to fire up on first crank, which now is not case since my sync is off and i have to crank engine few times before it fires up.

i will try with chev LS2/LS7 since it is 60-2 and 2 long 2 short on cam.






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no it is not working with Chev LS2/LS7, and, YES its working with Holden V6 Alloytec III trigger.

Only, offset is different, before -120deg, now -35deg, but it fires up on first crank.

Thanks Adam!





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