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K24 Breakdown.....


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Been having some running issues where the car starts to hesitate and chug quite bad only when warmed up to full running temperature, been chasing this for about a week then today when trying to chase it we broke down, would not start so towed car home, in this time it cooled down and fired straight up. without changing Cam and Crank sensors (as we cant see much on the log) and hunting any loose connector pins we are at a bit of a loose end with an event this weekend. Any Ideas???

Coils and injectors all test ok, fuel pressure good (as felt like was loosing fuel originally). 

PCL and log-




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Unsure if it's related, but you need to fix your injector duty cycle. Either your fuel pump is struggling, injectors are too small, or fuel calcs are off. You hit a max of 116% duty cycle, modern injectors stop delivering any more fuel above ~95%. It'll probably help a lot if you're not at 10.8afr, instead of your target of 12.94. Your problem seems to start around the same time you trigger the "injector duty cycle above error high value" CEL, although I'm unsure if that's related. Perhaps the injectors are getting stuck closed until hot? hopefully one of the admins will chime in for you now that I've stuck my foot in my mouth. I see decent voltage, RPM, MAP, injector PW, TPS, etc, although your wideband stopped registering a little after the 9 minute mark.

You mentioned an "event", so I'm assuming track day/race/autox? I'd highly suggest hooking up a fuel pressure sensor to the Link, it'll help immensely with diagnostics now and in the future.

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10 hours ago, Adamw said:

Your MAP sensor has failed or has a bad connection.  0 MAP = 0 fuel.  

This!!!!! Plugged it straight into the ecu internal MAP and it’s like a brand new car!!! Thanks you mate I owe you a beer! 

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