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G4+ WRX Link V1-2: Anti-lag & Launch Control

Topi Töyrylä

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Greetings from Finland, guys! Your products are absolutely awesome, but I still have a couple of questions. I'm about to install an external on-off switches for anti-lag system and launch control. I tried to read PCLink's Help Browser, but there's almost nothing about it, just "use Digital Input". Ok, now the actual question is how could I use the Digital Inputs? I've got an expansion cable for my ecu and there are two digital inputs in it, DI5 and DI6. For an example, DI5 could be for anti-lag switch and the other one for the launch control switch. If I connect the DI5 cable to my toggle switch, where should go the another wire from the switch? To Sensor Ground? To +5V Out -wire? Should I get +12V for it? Or connect it directly to chassis? I need a simple answer for that.

There's obviously some issue in firmware updates on wrx link v1-2 too. Version 5.2.2 is the newest one that works on my ecu. I've tried to update to version 5.3.1, 5.4.0 and 5.4.1, but those caused only a horrific, banging and cracking idle and engine ran very badly on higher revs too, sounds almost similar to anti-lag system. There was still no significant changes on fuel- or ignition tables. PCLink said "database error" (and some number after it). Nowadays my car is running well on the older firmware, but I still want to update to the newest version in the future...

Thank you for your support in advance! :)

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The other side of your enable switches can either go to ground (chassis or sensor gnd is fine) or to 12v.  I wouldn't use 5V since it maybe a bit close to the switching threshold.  Generally chassis ground is the easiest since you have lots of ground places to connect to behind the dashboard.

For the DI settings, set the function to GP input.  If your switch is connected to ground then turn the "pull-up" on and set the "on level" to low.  If you choose to connect your enable switch to 12V instead then turn the pull-up off and set on level to high. 

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Save your map as it is now.

Up grade the ecu to 5.4.1 and load the WRX base map from the base maps folder in PCLink.

Store and cycle the power.

Then load your old map over the top. This should then have sensible figures for all the new functions and fuel trims.


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