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Hc20x k24 Honda Can error passive, bus warning, transmit error 128


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kind of what i was thinking, as far as no Can bus, and this is actually a k24 swapped into a 98 civic using a 2002-2004 rsx manual harness and plug in Hc20x ecu I purchased new. This error just started recently and just shortly before I added a Nos 2 stage mini in which i only used signal from the tachometer from behind the cluster and tps . But the issue i noticed before wiring in the nitrous so i dont believe any issues are from that. How could i wire a device over can? And im really not sure as to what Wires are the "Can H and L"?


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The CAN errors are probably just because you have a CAN device/stream set up, but nothing connected.  Nothing to worry about.  The CAN ports are on the adapter board next to the MAP sensor.

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