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Hc92x CAN bus pinouts

ls joker

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Hey all,

I have some conflicting information from the help file regarding the correct pinouts. Can H is clearly pin3. However can4 is shown as pin2 &pin4

I am in the process of finishing the the install on my x series wideband. But at a stand still from this.






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The can pcb cable(pn#101-0022) is plugged into the board.

Instead of using the canf connector. My tuner gave me the can ltw cable( pn#101-0211). 

Is it safe to just assume the green wire is can lo regardless? If thats correct then ill just ohm the correct pins on the pcb cable. Then mate it up on the ltw cable

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Yes i have both of those cable. My problem consist of the can lo pinout. If its pin4 on the round connector. If im understanding you correctly, its pin2 on the board connector, but not pin2 on the cable end(the round end)?

I will just ohm everthing out tomorrow 

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