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Difficult cold start Flexfuel IMPREZA GT99


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Hi everyone, since my flexfuel management my cold start has been painful.

I have to hold the accelerator for a while so that my idle speed stabilizes while the engine is not hot.

When hot, no problem! I tried a lot of things but none of the adjustments I was able to make were conclusive!

Can I attach my map in a private message?


coldstart difficult

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What file are you attaching here?  There's no suffix on the file type to let anyone know what it is.  A tune file should end in *.pclx and a log file should end in *.llgx.  Ideall you would provide both a PC log of the cold starting (*.llgx file) and a copy of the tune (*.pclx) here so that someone could help you.

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Flex fuel is never going to work well with your current map, traditional fuel equation results in a lot of compromises with blended fuel.  Using multi-point injection mode is also a big compromise as the injection events arent timed to valve events.  You really need to start from scratch using modelled multi-fuel equation and sequential injection mode. 

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