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Link G5 with Motec Keypad and PDM

Ammar Alqisi

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45 minutes ago, Ammar Alqisi said:

1) Whats the can id for Greyhill ( Motec Keypad ) on Link G5 ? and can use it like the link keypad ?

I have had a generic CAN Open based 8 button Grayhill keypad working with the Link software and have extrapolated out from that for the 6 button, 12 button and 15 button. I have not made brightness control work yet though.

What would worry me with the Motec Keypad is that I am unsure of whether or not the Motec specific keypad would have special firmware in it. A good first step might be to wire it up and see if you can find it with the CAN find devices functionality in PCLink.

48 minutes ago, Ammar Alqisi said:

2) Whats the Can setting for Link G5 using Motec PDM 30 

I have no information on how the Motec PDM 30 CAN stream works but @Adamw might. Do you have any documentation for this?

Also as a 3rd note if you are using the Motec keypad with the Motec PDM you would not have the ECU talking to the keypad directly as that would conflict with the PDM but instead you would leave the PDM to control the keypad and have the PDM tell the ECU the state of the buttons that are relevant to the ECU.

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@Ammar Alqisi Select either CAN1/2 > Streams >  stream 1 > add frame > hit add under parameters. Make sure it's ticket "transmit" and start adding your required info you would like to transmit to the PDM. 

choose a specific CAN id and transmit rate. 

This is covered in the Help file as well; Help > wiring information > G4X and G5 ECU tuning functions > CAN > User CAN Setup. 


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Note the Motec PDM has very limited CAN functionality, it was originally designed to only send receive on/off type data and can only process a maximum of 8 bit values so things like RPM cant be used.  What would the PDM need RPM and ECT for?  Typically you would just send things such as fuel pump or fan request.  

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