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Replacing a BCM (Body Control Module)


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Hi All,

I just got my car back from the paint shop and now none of the power windows and door locks are responding. No sound, no clicks. Just dead. I checked all connections and even replaced the master switch actuator. There doesn't seem to be a dedicated fuse for them but I checked a few of them anyways. It may be that the BCM went bad.

So my question is, if I get a replacement BCM, it needs to be programmed by the dealership but I have the Link ECU. Would that be a problem? Is there an alternative solution?

Also, if anyone else ran into a similar problem, please share your experience and solutions.

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Yeah I dont think that would be an issue.  All devices are on the same bus so the programming tool should still be able to access the BCM without the ecu present.  Only the BCM needs to be paired to the keyfob.  


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